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Eurosign DS Demonstrations
  Slide Show & Text Box


Click Slideshow on the Module List.

Add pictures by clicking New Image(s). Navigate to the chosen directory and click on the image required. Hold down the Ctrl key and click to select several images. Then click Open to complete the addition.

Use Detete Selected to remove one or more images from the Slideshow list pane.

Pictures selected will play in the module’s slideshow according to the options selected. Set the slideshow options as follows:

Image Time:      

Time for each image to display

Fade Time :       

Duration of fade/blend

Sequence Type:

Sequential or random play

Note : To disable the fade transition, set the Fade Time = 0. This reduces the CPU load of the slideshow to a minimum and can help improve the display quality in a project with other modules such as multimedia.

Text Box

Use Test Box to position lines of text anywhere on your project canvas. Multiple text items can be played in a timed sequence.

Click  and size / position the module on the project canvas. Click new to add a line item

Select the text properties required, including justification, size, Colour and background. If required an image can be specified as the background.

Add the required text and click Save/Exit

To display a sequence of items, repeat this process for each item.

Now you can set up the sequence to display your text elements. Use the Sel box and the arrow keys to set the order. Set the duration of each element.

Click Save/Exit to return to the project canvas.

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