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Eurosign DS Demonstrations
Creating a project

To start creating projects in DS Composer, click Projects and the Projects window appears. Click new and type the title of the project, choose the resolution (recommended or manual, define width and height – portrait or landscape).

To insert a background click on Backgound Image.

To set a uniform background colour, change the Mode to Back Color and select colour from the palette.

To select a background image, select an image from the Gallery list.

To select a custom image, click the New Image button


Click on Date from the module list and it will appear in the project canvas.

Double click on the date box to set the date format, colour and font.

Set the size of your date by resizing the date box and positioning it on the project canvas.


Click Clock on the Module List Position and size the module on the project canvas.

Double click the module to open the Clock edit panel. Select Analog or Digital Format.

Select the font and foreground colour of the clock. Click Save/ Exit

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